Video workflows just got a whole lot smarter.

Hyperflow helps creative teams supercharge their video workflow using machine learning and assistive AI.

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Hyperflow Studio

Harness your team's collective knowledge.

Hyperflow Studio is a new kind of workflow tool that uses data from across your productivity and content creation apps to increase efficiencies, automate repetitive tasks, and maximize your creative output.

Super-smart metadata features

take the pain out of manual tagging and media management.
  • AI-assisted annotation & data governance
  • Semantic data modelling & enrichment
  • Unique UIs for data entry & visualization

Find anything in an instant.

Powerful search functionality helps you achieve creative flow.

In-video search.
Quickly navigate to specific moments in your video and audio files.
Semantic search.
Get relevant results without having to remember exact keywords.
Exploratory search.
Discover new story ideas and ways to reuse your existing archive.

Collaborate better with your team, wherever they are based.

Establish a single source of truth that connects your entire team - whether they're in the office, on location, or across the globe.

Proxy workflows.
Avoid long wait times for file transfers and downloads.
Offline support.
View records and make changes without internet access.
Access controls.
Set permissions for internal and external collaborators.

Pro-level features come standard.

Activity feeds.

Keep an audit trail of all edits, updates, and versions.

Keyboard shortcuts.

Get work done faster with robust shortcuts and commands.

Views and layouts.

Switch views and save layouts depending on the task at hand.

Custom field types.

Add structure to your metadata so it's clean and consistent.

BYO taxonomy.

Import your existing data models and tags or start from scratch.

Reporting and analytics.

Easily create and share reports for all stages of production.

Works with all your favorite tools.

Plug-and-play integrations keep everything (and everyone) in-sync.

Currently in Private Beta
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